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January/February 2006


ALM Research is a business within ALM Media, Inc. separate from the Editorial Division. ALM Research does not play a role in the surveys published by ALM's publications such as The American Lawyer and The National Law Journal, but works with the data from their surveys after it is published. ALM Research conducts and publishes other independent research identified as ALM Research products. NewsLine is a free bi-monthly electronic newsletter published by ALM Research. If you are receiving this issue as a forward and would like to become a subscriber, please sign up here.







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Welcome to the premier issue of ALM Research NewsLine, a bi-monthly e-newsletter for legal business professionals. We will be reporting mainly on research and analysis available from ALM Research, along with other pertinent industry news and information. Subscriptions to the newsletter are free by filling out our online form or emailing us at or by calling 888-770-5647. And don't hesitate to contact the editor, Margaret Daisley, with news and views.


Please note that ALM Research is a business within ALM Media which focuses on aggregating, developing and marketing research about the legal market. We are separate from the Editorial Division, and we do not play a role in the surveys published by The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal or our other newspapers and magazines. We work with the data only after it is prepared, published and written. ALM Research does, however, conduct its own separate surveys and publish independent research which we identify as ALM Research products.

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This first issue of NewsLine features information about enhancements and upgrades to ALM Research Online. In addition, regularly scheduled topics will include:

In the News | In the Database | Topic X: a focus on a story that is important to the industry, and a check of the ALM Research database to see what we can add. In this issue, Chuck Lowry, Director of Client Relations at ALM Research, and I examine the buzz about "U.K. LLPs."

Inside Information: the personalities behind the news whose jobs are, at least in part, dedicated to research. This issue: Ellen Siegel, head of ALM Research.

Calendars: having to do with ALM Editorial and ALM Research surveys and events, as well as links to other important industry conferences, seminars, and events. This issue: The 2006 American Lawyer's editorial calendar will have lots of changes.

Industry News: news about surveys and market research studies conducted by other professional organizations, consultants, law firms, academics, and government agencies. This issue: a January 10 LJN web audio conference on the hot topic of industry surveys, directories, and listings had record attendance.

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Currently Available: services and products for sale from ALM Research.

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ALM Research Online Celebrates 1st Anniversary by Getting New Power Tools




ALM Research Online is celebrating its first anniversary. Launched a year ago at ALM's Legal Tech show, the subscription and pay-per-view web site was designed to provide the legal market with the ability to search, access and analyze a comprehensive database of industry-leading lists and rankings which are published annually by ALM's many magazines and newspapers, including The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal, IP Law and Business, The New York Law Journal, and Corporate Counsel. For our key surveys, including the Am Laws and the NLJ 250, our archives go back more than twenty years. The site also offers new research products developed by ALM Research, including the 2005 survey of law firm business development practices.

















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Calendar: Many Changes to 2006 ALM Editorial Calendars




Is it your job to know when ALM's publications conduct their surveys? Well, it's our job as well. So we urge you to take a close look at the 2006 editorial calendars, as there has definitely been a whole lotta shakin' going on.


Just a few examples: The Am Law 100, published in The American Lawyer's July issue since the beginning of time, will appear this year in the May issue. The associates surveys, long synonymous with "October," will disappear from that month effective 2006, when the mid-levels survey report moves to August, and the summer associates survey cements its November appearance in The American Lawyer's Student Edition. The A-List and Pro Bono reports, which had just recently settled into a September routine, have moved to July.

















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In the News | In the Database | Law Firm Financials

With Chuck Lowry, Director of Client Relations




U.S. law firms can be quite sensitive about disclosing their revenue figures. I was interviewing a partner at an Am Law 100 law firm once, the head of business development for their largest practice area. Somehow he got on the topic of The Am Law 100 and felt the need to unburden his viewpoint. When The American Lawyer started making law firm financials public, he said, "that's when everything started going downhill." It was 2004 when he said this, twenty years after the Am Laws first published.

















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Industry News: Record-Setting Attendance for Web Audio Conference on Surveys




There was a record-setting audience on January 10 for the web audio conference sponsored by Law Journal Newsletter (LJN) on the topic of "Attorney Listings, Directories, and Surveys." There were 175 registrations for the two-hour discussion, according to marketing manager Colin Graf. Graf also said that registrations are for a location, rather than specific to an individual, and LJN's web audio conferences average about three listeners per location. This means there may have been as many as 500 or more in the audience. "It was by far our largest audience yet," Graf said. (LJN is a division of ALM.)

















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Inside Information: The Heart of ALM Research




Ellen SiegelEllen Siegel, whose formal title is Vice President of Licensing and Business Development, is the head of ALM Research and has overseen the division from inception to reality, "reality" being the development of ALM Research Online, which as Ellen puts it, "is at the heart of the effort."

















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Editor's Note




In January 2004, when I left The American Lawyer and my job as research director for ALM's national publications, I naively thought I was going to be able to take a bit of a sabbatical before I eased back into the madding crowd. Silly, silly girl. Instead, I found myself, delightfully so, immediately called to duty by the newly formed ALM Research division. Since then, as a consulting researcher, writer, and editor, I've worked on wide variety of projects.


Working on this newsletter, however, is my favorite project so far. I sincerely aim to fill this bi-monthly newsletter full of news you can use, and not let it become just another PR tool. I also aim to call, email, or meet up with many of you at one of the conferences in the coming year to find out what's up, from your point of view. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me.


Until the next issue,


Margaret Daisley, Editor

ALM Research NewsLine


























Now Available: Survey Reports and Data



NLJ Billing Survey Published in The National Law Journal in December 2005, the Billing Survey includes information about high/low/average billings rates for partners/associates/firms for over 100 of the largest firms nationwide, as well as information about the firms' alternative billings policies and methodologies. Also available through the ALM Research Store is information for Billings By Associate Class, researched and published for the same time period. Archived billings information in the ALM Research Online database goes back to 1989.











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