July/ August 2007


There are two seemingly disparate topics that thread their way through this issue of ALM Research NewsLine: good works at the nation’s most elite law firms … and how much money lawyers and law librarians are making these days. We first feature the trends in the Pro Bono Survey since 1993, the first year captured in the ALM Research Online database, and then discuss what it takes to make the A-List. And then we get down to the nitty-gritty about Salaries and Compensation. Along those lines, we looked at the compensation trends captured in the Law Librarian Survey over the last five years. Best of all, we offer a free update on associate salaries, with the purchase of any ALM Research product. Read on.

Margaret Daisley, Editor
ALM Research NewsLine


Pro Bono: Is This Going to Be a Trend?:
The American Lawyer’s 2007 Pro Bono Survey report this year focuses on the “rich palette of causes” that Am Law 200 firms have taken on (“From Death Row to Dolphins”), how law firm leaders can pave the way for pro bono at their firms (“Starting at the Top”), and the difficulties of defining what constitutes pro bono work (“Drawing the Line”).


The 2007 A-List: This is the fifth year of the A-List, The American Lawyer’s annual ranking of “the nation’s elite,” as they put it, “the law firms that are best at balancing a thriving business with their obligations to the profession.”


Salaries and Compensation
One of the most popular topics on the ALM Research blog is “salaries,” or compensation information. Whether it’s a notice about a salary survey—the 2007 General Counsel Compensation Survey is the most recent addition to the archives—or a mention of the new Judicial Salary Source or What In-House Lawyers Make on the blog, say “salaries” and the page views spike.


Six Years Tracking Law Library Trends
As we went to press, the 2007 Law Librarians’ Survey had not yet been published. It will be part of the July/August issue of Law Firm Inc., which will be released August 15th. So we amused ourselves in the meantime by looking at some of the trends in the last five years since the survey was first conducted in 2002.


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FREE with the purchase of one other product from the ALM Research Store: the Associate Salary Update. One spreadsheet, almost 300 firms, with information about first-year associate salary information, updated as of July 31, 2007. Contact ALM Research at or call 888-770-5647 and mention the promo code ASU.


The Pro Bono Survey has been conducted since 1993. Data from all years is available to premium subscribers. Data from the current year is available to basic subscribers. The 2007 report is available to non-subscribers in searchable spreadsheet format for $250. Click here to see a sample.


The Law Librarian Survey has been conducted since 2002. Same pricing structure applies: premium subscribers have access to all years’ data; basic subscribers have access to the current years’ data. Non-subscribers may purchase the 2007 report in searchable spreadsheet format for $100, and a spreadsheet with all the historical data for $150. Click here to see a sample.


ALM Research Online has a variety of sources for salary and compensation information beside the Associate Salary Update mentioned above. The Am Law 200 provides averages for partner profits. The annual Midlevel Associates Survey provides salary and benefits information for third-, fourth-, and fifth-year associates. The GC Compensation Survey provides information about the 100 highest-paid General Counsel at Fortune 500 companies. The Law Librarian and AmLaw Tech survey (currently "Tech History) provide compensation information for the highest paid librarian and technology heads. And the ALM Research Business Development Practices Survey provides information about compensation for the highest-paid marketing and business development professionals at participating firms.


Also new in the database this month: the 2007 Midlevel Associates Survey and the 2007 Associates Technology Survey. Coming in September: the 2007 AmLaw Tech Survey.






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